Jul 24

Customer Engagement for a Construction Equipment manufacturer

Industry Sector & Offerings: Leading player in the construction equipment sector in India.

We carried out a pan India Customer Satisfaction study to assess the “health of the relationship”.

The customers of this brand are either contractors or hirers working across various industry segments. The respondents were polled through F2F interviews to have in-depth conversations and gather detailed inputs.

Interviews were conducted in the local language across each location.

Key Findings of this exercise:

  • North India based customers + customers/contractors operating in the power project sector formed a large % of the Indifferent & Unhappy customers.  This segment of customers was identified as the segment that needed a higher level of attention / engagement.
  • We suggested that a One size fits all approach may not work and it is essential to have a differential approach to manage customer relationships / experience in an efficient manner. Especially among organized (large projects / contractors) vs. unorganized (hirers / small contractors)
  • Identified that customer satisfaction varied by regions and certain regions had low levels of customer satisfaction.
  • There was an opportunity to change a section of customers who were indifferent to happy customers. Timely and adequate Support to minimize equipment down time (Easy spare part availability, quality of service engineers, quality of hydraulics etc.) were the key asks among these indifferent & unhappy customers.
  • Indifferent and Unhappy customers believed that their top competition was the best in class company. The reason highlighted by respondents was the Service support capabilities of competitor which is also a weak area for our client. This was highlighted by us as one of the primary areas to be tackled for improving customer experience and retaining and growing market share.
  • Equipment features and performance emerge as clear winners for our client while Service support, dealer network / experience needed strengthening. The experience with Channel partners (product expertise, interactions, soft skills etc.) needed to be improved.

Key Outcomes of this exercise:

  • We suggested that the Channel partners would need to improve the overall service experience and be a seamless and extended arm of the client.
  • Training / Orientation program for dealers were the need of the hour to deliver uniform experience across customer segments. This was agreed and put in place by client and training programs were conducted for the sales team and dealers.

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