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Expectations from consumers, employees, investors and other stakeholders have increased exponentially thanks to accessibility of information, availability of multiple choices and willingness to experiment. Therefore, it has become imperative for businesses to offer a unique, distinct brand experience to its stakeholders, especially customers and employees to retain long term relationships.

Providing a ‘brand’ or ‘customer-centric’ experience that is meaningful over time and across relationships will set companies apart from their competition and even allow for loyalty through the most challenging times.

However, it’s important to know what type of experience the stakeholder is seeking before it can be provided. There needs to be a constant and consistent mechanism that identifies gaps and requirements, makes adjustments, implements new ideas / programs and tracks progress that allows to:

  • Create Customer Delight
  • Manage Expectations
  • Avoid Loss of Desired Customers
  • Strengthen Relationships
  • Leverage relationships for long-term growth

Building a great Customer Experience is a dedicated, long-term, on-going activity, that will provide many benefits including enhanced, stronger relationships with stakeholders, improved customer loyalty, good word-of-mouth, reduction in customer churn & employee attrition and also create a competitive advantage which leads to better revenues & sales.

 Feedback can assist your firm through the entire Customer Experience cycle:

  1. Identify problems / issues through assessment / measurements studies
  2. Give practical insights and setting out short-term and long-term action points
  3. Help implement those action points internally and / or externally and
  4. Finally monitor the process to ensure that the customer / stakeholder experience has indeed improved.

Feedback’s extensive experience in the B2B research & consulting space in the last 29 years, coupled with a host of interventions ranging from experience measurement, organizational internal diagnostics, coaching and advisory services will certainly improve your customer experiences and end business outcomes.

Customer Experience – Specialized Offerings

Our focus in on ‘Leveraging Experience’. Feedback’s experience measurement & improvement frameworks have been built based on our seminal work with Customer.


Assessing health of relationship and identifying key drivers of customer experience through capturing stated expectations, business priorities, benchmarking vis-à-vis competition and opinions across touch points. Business outcome oriented approach as opposed to mere assessment of satisfaction levels:

  • Customer Engagement Studies
  • Channel Partner Engagement Studies
  • Supplier / Vendor Engagement
  • Transactional Survey Set-up

 Case Study: Feedback helped a leading AC&R company bring innovation into its products & services business based on the voice of their customers. This was possible through capturing customer expectations and needs which are not generally stated in transactions. This helped our client increase their market share significantly and also position itself appropriately on the service front (Spare / availability of machine). Feedback’s approach of making the finding available at an organisation as well as BU / Geo level helped in rolling out these actions quite sharply.

Understand drivers for customer satisfaction, identify action points, prioritize immediate tactical actions and roll out initiatives in a timely manner. Also, develop and foster strong long-term relationship with strategic customers by understanding their needs and evaluating performance as per “Best in class” practices across 7 dimensions.

  • Customer Satisfaction Improvement Program (CSIP)
  • Account Readiness Diagnostic
  • Account Health Assessment
  • Customer Centricity Assessment
  • Key Account Management

 Case study: Most firms have a sincere intent to act on customer feedback. However, the need is for rigour and discipline to the close loop with customers and embark on both reactive as well as proactive actions. We worked with an IT services major for 11 months, helping them program manage their actions with their customers in the US and Europe. Feedback deployed its proprietary CSIP platform to undertake this exercise, which is a robust, repeatable and data led approach to act on customer feedback. This client saw a 30% jump in the customer experience index and this reflected in their business metrics too. Some of the initiatives that emerged from this exercise were customer on-boarding, soft skill standardisation, reduction in hiring cycles, value add articulation and thought leadership index.

In-depth intervention to identify stakeholders involved, document AS-IS customer interactions in order to identify customer stated & unstated needs, usage & buying behaviours and touch-points which drive customer delight.

Case study: Feedback was approached by a client in the Consumer Durables industry to understand the customer journey map and opportunities for the brand to differentiate. Feedback while mapping out the customer journey map, also studied the pattern among specifiers. This brought out a lot of insights and identified touch points which proved to be significant opportunities for the brand to differentiate. Our client used this framework to benchmark across their international businesses. The key takeaway was to unearth blind spots in their touch points with customers and specifiers.

Map people concerns and relevant initiatives to increase employee morale, loyalty and productivity to deepen employee engagement, lower attrition and meet business goals.

  • Employee Engagement Studies
  • 3600 Degree Assessment
  • Internal Partner Satisfaction Studies
  • Employee Image Perception

Case study: A client of ours who regularly conducts their ESAT benchmarking with a well-known ranking firm, reached out to us to seek help in ‘getting under the skin of the employee’. While the global ranking study did point out the issues in the firm, it was important to design a research specific to the firm’s organisation structure and the life stage at which they were in currently. We segmented the employees based on homogeneity and intensity of their feedback and rolled out custom surveys to capture their views. We backed this with qualitative research which helped them sharply arrive at actions at each segment level. This firm saw a significant decrease in employee attrition at key levels.

Discover if your marketing and communication messages are being heard and understood by your consumers. Track how existing and prospective customers perceive your brand vis-à-vis competition. Identify those attributes which impacts your brand’s image as well as enablers to drive positive brand affinity.

  • 360 Degree Brand Assessment Studies (across Stakeholders)
  • Brand Perception / Positioning Studies

 Case study: Quantifying brand index in a B2B situation is a challenge. We helped a client of ours assess their brand identity, prioritise the stakeholders with whom they needed to improve the brand and also the nature of challenge at each stakeholder level. Our client was able to effectively re-brand and re-position themselves in the market place. This was possible both at a product level as well as a corporate level.

Feedback also carries out customized research namely; Needs & Expectation Study, Customer Behaviour, Lost & Potential Customer Analysis, Investor Perception Studies, Concept / Product Tests, Adhoc Studies, etc.

Feedback Customer Experience Value Proposition

At Feedback, we have a compelling value proposition to help our clients leverage their customer experiences to achieve desired business objectives. Our ground-up approach to capture ‘moments of truth’ gives us a strong foundation to suggest actionable ideas. Our propriety frameworks help our clients’ not just measure but actually improve customer experience and take their relationships to the next level. Deep industry exposure of listening to voice of customers over the years, prioritizing and implementing action plans, enable us to share ‘Best Practices’ from across the industry. The cross-pollination of industry experience, on-ground exposure and unique skill-sets facilitate constructive discussions which go a long way in ‘connecting the dots’ and delivering tangible business value to our clients.

 We have a dedicated team of professionals comprising industry veterans, researchers, consultants, field operation managers and data analysts that work in close co-ordination with each other to make this possible. Feedback believes in being a prisoner of delivering on client’s business objectives by bringing in deep industry exposure of listening to the voice of customers.