Nov 21

Customer Engagement for a Machine Tools manufacturer

Feedback carried out the Customer Engagement for one of the leading firms in the machine tools segment and provided key insights into the health of the engagement.

Engagement Background

  • Our client is one of the leading players in the machine tools industry with 3 divisions catering to different industry needs
  • Feedback has been carrying out the Customer Engagement Studies for this client for the last 3 cycles

Customized Approach

  • We conduct a Discovery workshop in every cycle, to understand the key nuances that need to be modified to the survey instrument based on the changing business environment.
  • Questionnaire variants customized for each industry division.


F2F interviews with ~ 900 respondents

Focus Areas

  • Mapping top expectations and identifying gaps in fulfillment
  • Measure residual opinion of customers on business outcomes
  • Measure satisfaction levels  across  various touch points; as well as identifying drivers of customer experience
  • Areas done well / need improvement + Bench-marking with best in class firm
  • Identify ‘action’able outcomes to improve / sustain  experience

Key Insights

  • Issue being faced by clients with obtaining spares
    • Based on the feedback, we suggested better inventory planning + stocking channel partners in specific locations with consumables/spares which were ordered frequently.
  • Issue with prompt & reliable service (First time right)
    • Based on the customer feedback around prompt service the client opened up new centers for service engineers / added service channel partners around certain client clusters. This ensured quicker turnaround times to machine breakdowns / issues.
  • The performance was tracked over the years to identify trends in satisfaction levels. Overall customer experience (tracked on business outcomes of Satisfaction, Loyalty, Advocacy, Perceived Value) had improved v/s last 2 cycle scores. Further slicing / dicing by Customer Value, Customer Segment, Region etc were provided to provide a deep dive into segments and enable them to set up short-term/long-term goals.
  • Training provided to operators was another issue identified. Basis this feedback, the client put in place a process to have periodic training of operators at certain demonstration centers. Operators were also trained to handle minor maintenance issues which ensured reduction in machine downtime for easy to handle issues.

Feedback Insights

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