Jul 26

Service Excellence Journey for a Engineering Services firm

Industry Sector & Offerings: A Global Engineering Services Firm to leading industry leaders across the world

Business Need of the client:

As a Global Engineering Services firm, the ability to drive repeat & annuity business represented significant portion of the revenue; given the nature of degree of customized services and need for deep domain knowledge, the ability to retain customers and enhance relationships and perceptions regarding capability was very critical. With an increased growth in number of clients and footprint across the globe, there was a need to set-up a CSAT improvement program which could seek feedback in a structured manner but more importantly demonstrate progress on agreed actions and close loop with the stakeholders.

Our Approach:

Feedback Insights deployed our propriety framework of Customer Satisfaction Improvement Program to design, deploy and review to “close loop” with clients and work on specific improvement ideas 

  • Identification of account specific improvement areas
  • Workshop to gather inputs from various stakeholders to come up with organization wide initiatives
  • Action plan design – Granular actions with a defined 30-60-90-day timelines
  • Capture internal stakeholder views on how to strengthen client value and improve client engagement
  • Revisit, course correct and include additional action plans wherever necessary
  • Dipstick to assess the impact so far and make necessary interventions
  • Revalidation of account preparedness for the next cycle of CSAT

At every stage, the client stakeholders were kept informed of the initiatives and improvements executed through a quarterly update on actions completed bringing in an opportunity to drive collaboration and transparency


Key Outcomes of this exercise:

  • Steady increase in the ‘Experience Index’ (Ex) scores over 3 years stand testimony to the fact that customer satisfaction has improved by 14%
  • Significant improvement in participation among client stakeholders in the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys over every consecutive year indicate higher customer engagement/better relationships by 30%
  • Process interventions were identified and executed which enabled organization competencies
  • Customer Onboarding Process
  • Innovation /Best Practices
  • HR Hiring Cycle Reduction
  • Thought Leadership / Content Marketing
  • Soft Skills Standardization across the firm

Feedback Insights

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