Aug 11

Employee Engagement for Leading Tech Service Firm

Actionable Insights Strengthening Inclusivity, Career Growth and Overall Engagement 

Streamlining Policies to Address Pain Points

The study found that the existing policies needed to be streamlined and harmonized to address all employee concerns. The research identified multiple pain points, including cultural and professional gaps, emotional dilemmas caused by the merger and career growth uncertainties. Feedback Insights team made recommendations on redefining the policies with a dedicated focus on entry-level employees.

Enhancing Communication and Pride Through Forums

The statistical and qualitative research helped gather inputs to improve communication by creating periodical forums at all levels. Adherence to the forum enhanced communication between teams and boosted team morale. In addition, pride in working for the organization emerged as a critical driver for satisfaction.

Bridging Gender and Hierarchical Bias for Inclusivity

Inclusivity was a crucial highlight of the study. Women employees requested opportunities for leadership roles and mentoring. Incorporating the suggestions helped the client ensure inclusivity and diversity at all levels, taking the employee satisfaction graph to a new high.

Designing Learning and Developmental Initiatives for Career Growth

Clarity on roles and growth concerns were key highlights of the study. The client-initiated learning and development initiatives to provide clarity on roles and to help employees find opportunities for career enhancement. This indeed was one of the key drivers of satisfaction.

Feedback Insights

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