Nov 23

Frameworks, Collaboration and Good Rules: A Look into Advisory Team’s Rulebook

An inside story of how the Advisory team at Feedback Insights keeps customer expectations and employee engagement high.

What’s more challenging than arriving at accurate actionable insights?

“Making sure the customer implements the business approaches devised based on the insights,” the Advisory wing of Feedback Insights has the answer ready.

A core part of market research at Feedback Insights involves being an advisor to leading customers in the B2B and B2B2C sector. The team headed by Ganesh Jayaraman delivers about 60 employee-based research studies and 25 advisory projects every year. They function as an extended team of consultants to the existing clients, helping them revisit business strategies, strengthen brand positioning and bridge the need gap that exists in the market. The lean and agile team – Sai Chandra Kanala, Sandra K Menon, Suneetha Kenchem, Guruprasad S and Govindraju M, plays a key role in ensuring that India’s leading ITeS hire the right talent, retain the best and more. Like every delivery unit, the advisory team has unique frameworks to ensure accuracy in outputs and firmness in recommendations. But the process is better understood from two different perspectives; Employee Services and Advisory Services

The Employee Service Perspective

The employee service research studies help brands find the unknowns leading to attrition, mismatches in EVP (Employer Value Proposition) and factors triggering ‘Exits. It enables the customer to understand employee perceptions on EVP, Employer Brand Attributes and measure overall Employee Satisfaction rate.

Challenges in Delivering Employee Studies

Analysing talent profiles from multiple lenses is an indispensable component of employee studies. Identifying quality talent profiles based on the study within a short timeframe is often a roadblock for the team. In addition, showcasing insights involves aggregating and disaggregating a large chunk of information. This information is consumed by the leadership, board, stakeholders and individual managers. The consumption pattern adds complexity to arriving at insights.

The Advisory Services Perspective

The advisory studies focus on the implementation of research led insights. The goal of the studies is to improve customer experience and enhance revenue opportunities. The lean team open to adopting new processes to build unique customer servicing frameworks. They are well-versed in deriving account-based marketing index and trackers and implementing customer experience improvement plans, on-ground.

Challenges in Delivering Advisory Projects 

One of the major challenges for the advisory team is the close collaboration with key stakeholders from the organisation. Convincing them to buy into the benefits and the process demand them to be in the know. They ought to be flexible in adapting to change and executing new ideas for the successful completion of projects. Because resistance to change may delay the success.

The Good Rules That Bind the Team Together

Defining frameworks to achieve success for individual projects. But keeping the team engaged and motivated is the foundation of seamless collaboration. Ganesh Jayaraman keeps the team in a high gear through a model that is even being adapted by other teams.

Rule 1: No Work Weekends

Achieved through careful planning for the week, balancing project loads within team and setting the expectations right to meet client demands

Rule 2: All Set for Tough Days

Some days are tough and some projects are tougher. Every researcher experience either of one. The advisory team keeps empathy in the forefront to pull all stops to get work done in tougher situations.

Rule 3: Day Offs and Vacations

Wellness off and vacations are a mandatory for the advisory team to charge and refresh minds.

Rule 4: Equal Priority for Career and Personal Goals

The team has an innate quality to support their own team members and even others in achieving their career goals and personal aspirations.

Achievements: A Testimony to the Success

The account-based marketing initiatives and impact delivered by the advisory team has been appreciated by one of India’s leading Tech Services provider at ITSMA. That’s not it.

Our advisory services team has delivered visible impacts in business growth across customer segments. This includes a 20% increase in offer acceptance by talents for a leading Health-Tech major in India

The Feedback Advisory’s research based recommendations has been crucial in implementing  ‘Work from Anywhere’ model for ITC Infotech

As research intelligence becoming a norm and  market research and we will see this team impacting lot more organisations with their work.

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