Jun 02

Raising a Toast for the Production Team

An Inside Story of how the production team at Feedback Insights helped deliver data analysis for over 150 studies every year with accuracy, enabling actionable insights by research teams.

Talent, skill, attitude and smiles. The production team has got it all.

A typical day for the team, headed by Jayanthi Sampath, begins with clear and concise planning.  Their tables are full with critical and complex data to be crunched. That’s when they divide the ownership where Jayanthi takes charge of the complex studies and Rajendra manages the rest. Both of them along with Deepak, Ganesan, Sri Priya and Anthony then processes the data to complete a study in two days.

With diligent planning, collaboration and an ownership mindset, the lean team deliver raw data analysis for over 150 studies every year to B2B customers from across verticals. For researchers in Feedback Insights, the team is the backbone of all the research-based consulting studies undertaken

This is an inside story of how the production team plan their work and beat external factors to meet customer demands.

Data Analysis – Crunching Numbers enabling Actionable Insights

The team creates over 870 reports, 3,480 scorecards and 26,100 data slides every year.

The volume or nature of data doesn’t matter. Even the minutest detail is taken care for precise outputs by patiently follows the data analysis process – Regression, Discriminants, Correlations, Factors and Cross Tabs – to formulate scorecards and research finding structure.

The six-member team has mastered the art of data analysis for sure. But that isn’t enough to process data after data every day all through the year. Jayanthi and team thrive under pressure despite stringent timelines, multiple projects and ever-growing demands from clients.

Stringent Deadlines and Stakeholders – Always a Bumpy Road

They work closely with the research team to deliver outstanding results. However, their days are not free of challenges. Short deadlines and volume of reports to be created are often the biggest hurdles.

Managing internal stakeholders on conflicting timelines while taking care of the data processing is a challenge they defeat on a day-to-day basis. The team has a strategic approach to create success and deliver close to 10 reports every week, receiving applause from all concerned.

Ownership. Support. Planning – The Guardrails

Technology tools and Feedback Insight’s frameworks guide them in the analysis. But what goes above all the tools and frameworks are a collaborative approach, accountability, support and stringent planning.

As Jayanthi says, “It is collaborative team work that helps our team to scale up and turn around deliverables in the shortest time and with quality. I appreciate how the team picks up new tools, techniques and technology to keep abreast with the times!”

Here is the key success strategy from the production team;

  • Distributing ownership:

Divide projects based on complexity and experience. Jayanthi takes ownership of the most complex projects while Rajendra spearheads the rest.

  • Clarity in Daily Tasks Planning:

Plan tasks at the start of the day. Clarity on who does what and a consistent status check is their winning mantra.

  • Concurrent Processing:

Break complex data into smaller parts for faster turnaround time and efficient results.

  • Prioritization and Stakeholder Management:

The team engages with Business Development team, Delivery teams and senior management to understand the business priorities to plan deliveries ahead of time.

  • Handholding and Support:

Vacations and personal priorities are planned without increasing workload for a team-mate. The team members even volunteer to step in for their colleagues in need, helping to rectify errors and ensure accuracy.

A senior executive at Feedback Insights says the production team knows the art of ‘grace under pressure.’ To add to that, they have also mastered the art of making work fun, something that Feedback Insights pass on to the new workforce as they join.

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