May 01

360-degree Brand Assessment for an IT Services Company

Assessing brand identity, prioritising stakeholders with whom brand needed to be improved and determined the nature of challenge at each stakeholder level. Our client was able to effectively re-brand and re-position themselves in the market place at both product level as well as corporate level.

Client: IT services provider in the App Development & Maintenance sector, IoT, Digital and Product Engineering services across Industry Sectors.

Business Need of the client

  • Our client wanted to understand the perceptions of its brand and positioning in the minds of Customers. In this case, the client is a subsidiary of a billion-dollar conglomerate with diversified businesses (entirely Non – IT).
  • The client wanted to also evaluate if their customers viewed them through the same prism as their parent organization.
  • The objective was to utilize the findings of this study to develop a brand strategy focused on creating an optimal positioning for themselves and figure out if they could leverage on any associations of the parent organization.

Feedback Insights suggested a 360-degree assessment to the client, where instead of only gathering inputs from Customers, we gather inputs from all stakeholders (Customers | Potential Customers | Analysts | Alliance partners | Media Houses | Employees | Ex-Employees | Stakeholders).

Our Approach

Considering the brief, Feedback Insights crafted a research approach:

  1. We suggested a 360-degree assessment i.e. gather opinion from all stakeholders to take a more holistic approach to the study and get better insights. This 360 – degree approach was agreed to by the client.
  2. Feedback Insights designed its approach to focus on the following key areas
    • Recall of the Brand | Familiarity of its service offerings | Understand perceptions based on the experiences that stakeholders have had with the brand | Understand opinions on the competitors it is slotted with
  3. Instead of a one size fits all, we customized the survey instrument for each stakeholder type to capture relevant inputs. We also arrived at an adequate sample plan for each stakeholder.
  4. Designed a Hybrid approach consisting of “Web surveys + Telephonic interviews”. The objective behind conducting telephonic interviews was to capture rich qualitative inputs along with quantitative inputs from stakeholders.
  5. Conducted an “In-depth workshop” with the top 30 leaders of the client organization to understand gaps in the internal understanding versus external perceptions of the brand.

We then disaggregated the data and analysed the inputs received from each group of stakeholders to obtain key insights. The overall research was carried out over a time period of 2.5 months.


Key Findings of this exercise:

  1. Domain Strengths: The brand was consistently viewed as an IT Player with strong domain strengths in certain domains. This opinion was also mentioned as being prevalent because of the strong presence of the parent organization in those domains.
  2. Technical Strengths: The brand was seen as a technical leader/ one of the best when it comes to PLM implementations.
  3. Tagline of the Organization was seen by stakeholders as too generic with a very low recall and needed a better articulation of their value proposition.
  4. There was a lack of awareness around the Digital Offerings of the organization across all stakeholders polled
  5. From a talent attracting perspective, there was a low brand recall among students and prospective employees.  Also, among employees, a very small % of Employees + Ex-employees perceived the organization is as aLeading IT services company.

Based on the findings, Feedback Insights Suggested:

Feedback Insights

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