Jan 14

Employee Engagement Study for a Technology Services company

Client: IT services company that provides services and solutions in digital, application infrastructure and enterprise technologies.

Employees: 10,000 + employees

Business Need of the client

  • The client recently merged with another organization of similar size.  They want to analyze the impact of the integration with employees in terms of feelings, concerns and initial feedback.
  • The client also wanted to assess the engagement levels of employees and examine the drivers of workplace aspects such as satisfaction, growth, culture, and team morale.
  • There is a need to evaluate impressions of culture and integration across all the divisions and locations of the organisation based on the recent process & policy changes. 

Our Approach

Considering the brief, Feedback Insights crafted a research approach to focus on:

  • Assessing engagement levels and identifying areas that are done well and needs to be improved
  • To evaluate the feedback on integration, it is important to understand what are the aspects of employee engagement such as career path, welfare, circle of influence and the management. 
  • The approach was a combination of web surveys, leadership interviews and focus group discussions 
  • Statistical tools, Machine learning to assess sentiments expressed in qualitative comments were used to determine drivers of engagement for various parts of the organization.


Some of the key concerns that emerged out of this exercise are:

  • Pride of working: Employees are proud of working in the organisation. They act as a significant influencer and the employees associate with the organisation. This was present across all the levels and was one of the important drivers for satisfaction.
  • Inclusive work culture needed to improve amongst women employees: The employees believe there is inclusiveness and the opinion and their suggestion is considered with value however several women employee requested for a platform for mentoring and opportunities for leadership roles.
  • Scope for Career growth:  Employees are concerned about the career growth in the organisation and need clarity in terms of both vertical and lateral growth opportunities 
  • Need to harmonize policies: There was a clear presence of pain points concerning the policies and compensation. After the integration, it was not yet streamlined and needed to be designed in a more harmonized manner

Recommendations & Next Steps

Based on the findings and further deliberations via the action planning workshops with leadership teams the following focus areas were identified 

  • Inclusion Goals:  Leadership initiatives planned to identify and mentor women leaders across levels which will be tracked as part of the diversity and inclusion scorecard.
  • Communication: Creation and adherence to periodical forums across all levels to drive communication. The interactions have a clear agenda for encouraging upward and downward communications which is essential as the two parts of the organization integrate. 
  • Career growth:  Role clarity and enabling Learning & Development Initiatives; some of the initiatives had been in the works, this survey provided a platform to fast-track the activities 
  • Policies and Compensation benefits: The policies continue to be streamlined and harmonized and also a re-look on the Compensation & Benefits for entry level employees was recommended. 

Feedback Insights

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