Oct 20

50 Ideas to engage your Remote Workforce

The recent pandemic has resulted in a paradigm shift within organizations by asking tough questions on how employers need to recognize and
rearrange their short term and long term priorities when it comes to working styles, modes of measurement and engagement. Organizations
need to adapt to the new normal, especially in ensuring high levels of productivity, employee connect despite a majority or several staff now
working from home. This is even tougher for new recruits i.e. fresh talent or lateral hires.
Communication barriers, lack of personal touch and availability of proper resources to settle into the new work environment posed as early
challenges that need to be addressed for business continuity purposes however policies, processes and customs which need to endure need
to be defined and practiced by all parts of the organization.
Ensuring mental and physical wellness of employees during this period and allowing employees cope with extended isolations, finding the right
work life balance and feeling part of a wider organization is the challenge faced by progressive firms and this paper throws light on 50 ideas
practiced by different firms globally in engaging a remote workforce.

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50 Ideas to engage your Remote Workforce - infographic

50 Ideas to engage Remote Employees


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