Sampathkumar Raghava

Head – US Markets

Sampath has more than two decades of experience in the converging world of business consulting and
digital technology. He has partnered with large enterprises and helped plan, design and execute
complex transformation programs.

He has also led a plethora of strategic initiatives as a management consultant which involved venture incubation, new market strategies and data transformation for large organizations.

His experience includes managing relationships with multiple fortune 500 and ‘born digital’ organizations leveraging his key strengths and experience in customer experience transformation, agile delivery and enterprise automation.

In a career spanning multiple decades with Cognizant, he has led with an entrepreneurial spirit and amassed vast experience in managing a region as a SBU head apart from innovation and data transformation programs. Sampath’s skills lie in understanding business complexities, market dynamics and connecting the dots to uncover opportunities that support business successes.

Sampath’s other interests are cricket (university level), traveling and reading (nonfiction only).