Employee Experience

The contemporary workplace environment has evolved rapidly in the past decade making organizations constantly work out fresh ways to sustain and enhance employee productivity and drive engagement.

Demographic shifts, Industry changes and Technology advancements have also impacted the way work spaces are perceived. Adding to that the induction of a multi-cultural, global workforce in business today not only increases workplace complexity, but also requires disruptive organization structures to make the best of it.

Transformation trends impacting workplaces today

Organizations are becoming more sensitive to trends and changes around them. They have to imbibe these trends into their work culture or risk being outdated.


There are significant changes in roles from previously established norms for Millennials (Born 1980-1996) and entry of Gen Z (1997 onwards) with higher management entrants from the Generation X (Born 1965-1979) demography.


Advancement in technology, shifting rent trends, commute times etc. have transformed the workplace. Organizations are now moving towards remote workspaces and enable virtual teaming with employees, contractors via co-working, hotdesking


Firms are steadily establishing a global presence via expansions, mergers and acquisitions thereby welcoming a multi-cultural workforce while learning to embrace new values.


There is a dearth in Leadership Pipeline with the immediate need to scale up with massive operations. To address this new processes and training is required which empower managers and leaders to manage complex aspirations of a global workforce

Drivers of workplace experience: An employee perspective

Experience at the workplace is driven by multiple aspects such as Employee Welfare, Career Path, Enablers at the Workplace, Role of Management and Circle of Influence within their teams.

Additional factors that also have an impact are the Brand Image of the Firm, Employee’s Future Expectations defined by their life stages and commitments, Organizational changes as well changes in the Overall Business Ecosystem

Desired Outcomes
  • Satisfaction with Firm as a place to work
  • Loyalty: Willingness to continue to work
  • Advocacy: Willingness to recommend Firm
  • Professional value: Increased Value / Learning  due to association with Firm

Our Approach

Every organization is unique in its own way and the challenges facing them are also distinct and diverse.

At Feedback Insights, we work collaboratively with our clients as their ‘Listening Partner’ to understand their challenges. Our survey designs are tailor-made and data led that provide rich insights on the key drivers of employee experience and engagement. Our research approach focuses on suggesting practical insights that will equip organizations to drive real business change and create improved employee experiences.

Our proprietary framework enables clients to not only measure and improve employee experience, but also understand their perceptions and sentiments at specific stages in the employee journey.

Our Service Offerings

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Assessing employee disposition

Understanding employee disposition and associated perception vs. reality gaps. Identifying drivers to deepen employee engagement & development

EMPLOYER / TALENT BRANDING Brand image & enablers

Understanding attributes that impact brand image in the minds of the employees, identifying enablers to drive positive brand affinity and increase engagement

CONTINUOUS LISTENING Regular feedback for key milestones

Gathering feedback from select key stakeholders upon completion of specific milestones to capture the “Here and Now” concerns round the year

PULSE SURVEYS On demand feedback

On-demand surveys to capture employee sentiments in the wake of organizational changes

EMPLOYEE 360 SWOT & Leadership evaluations

Understanding stakeholders perception and leveraging honest feedback to identify strengths / weaknesses effectively, hone fresh and evaluate senior leadership

BESPOKE STUDIES Ad-hoc assessments

Customised / ad hoc studies tailored to address the specific needs of our clients

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