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Customer Centricity is a key differentiator for organizations. Firms which can respond quickly to changing customer expectations, and drive improvement programs based on the voice of the customer, are able to command greater loyalty and mind-share than their competitors.

The first step is understanding the Voice of the Customer through customer feedback mechanisms. Most companies are already doing this in some form or the other. However, firms then struggle with the next step at multiple junctures. Be it:

  • slicing this volume of information to the lowest common denominator, to arrive at actionable insights
  • disseminating this information to leaders and getting a buy in on the improvement initiatives
  • driving organization wide change to derive maximum value

Our Approach: Insights to Action 

Feedback Insights has helped organizations to not just measure customer satisfaction but has also gone deeper into what customers seek today and tomorrow, while helping them ascertain what works and what doesn’t. Our 4-step framework to help organizations of any scale achieve outcomes include the following:

SHARING RELEVANT INSIGHTS Drilling down the right filters to what matters

Understanding the audience and providing information by the right slices makes all the difference i.e. top customers, geographies and key products; helping our clients understand their customer’s needs

SETTING A SHARED CONTEXT Bringing all stakeholders on to the same page

Having a shared context is vital for improvement areas to be agreed upon. Our workshops help our client stakeholders understand the information in the context of the current business problems and opportunities that need to be addressed. This helps break the siloed / constrained ways of thinking

EXECUTION BASED ON GRANULAR PLAN Periodic review of action plan to initiate changes

Executing a cross functional initiative is challenging in terms of allocation of resources and review focus. Feedback believes this change requires CXO level intervention with a monthly / quarterly review of the action plan with steps clearly defined over a period of 30-60-90 days

COMMUNICATE WITH CUSTOMERS Engagement through communication

It is not just enough to achieve better results but strategically communicate the same with customers on a regular basis. This mix of formal and informal communication drives greater engagement and allows for lasting change in customer perceptions

Our Service Offerings

CUSTOMER CENTRICITY Service Excellence Programs

Bringing in a cultural / process change in how employees view customers and their role in delivering a superior experience. Feedback brings in the ‘Service Excellence’ focus to identify, socialise and change the landscape to help companies become more “customer centric” with every transaction.

CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT Customer Satisfaction Improvement Programs

Understanding customer stakeholders in the B2B context and identifying ‘Advocates’ and ‘Disengaged’ customers is very important. Creating a specific plan for each customer account and closing loop with customers drives significant customer delight and increased % of advocates.

CUSTOMER RETENTION Key Account Management

Focused attention to key accounts from not just business development but engaging with individual stakeholders from strategic accounts helps drive customer retention and repeat business. Feedback Insights brings in best practices in terms of mapping the AS-IS situation and the road-map to improve Key Account Management as a discipline i.e. training the account teams, bringing in the right data and metrics to track and have a CXO review cadence.

Case Studies: Advisory

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